Decode the digital challenge with Vistaar.


An informative, captivating and lead-generating website has a lot of skillfully used ingredients in it. At Vistaar Digital, this skill is nicely embedded in our DNA by now.
We would happily throw around developer jargon like PHP, MySQL, Java, jQuery, Linux, Python, Bootstrap to name a few. Java alone boasts of nerdy-sounding sub-frameworks like J2EE, Struts, Tiles, Tomcat, OpenCMS and dot CMS among others.

The point is, we have expertise in all the widely used and advanced technologies to fulfill your web related requirements. This includes developing company/product websites, landing pages, e-commerce portals, forums, blogs and custom application solutions. Furthermore, we provide porting, migration, maintenance, document management, content management and other web-related services.


Mobile Apps

Vistaar Digital is equipped to hand-hold you through the immensely popular world of hand-held devices. Mobiles and tables are here to stay. And we are here to ensure that you make the most of it.

On technology front, we are capable of developing Android & iOS apps, leveraging the hybrid PhoneGap platform and then there are UI tools like HTML5 and AngularJS. We partner with our clients on not just technology part, but throughout the timeline of the idea – starting with conceptualisation, going right upto feedback and improvement. Because we recognize that a successful mobile application emerges as a result of synergy between technological genius and marketing acumen.


Vistaar Digital has been working hand-in-hand with Pharmaceutical companies at every stage, in helping them make a smooth transition into paperless detailing. Our developers are certified in Proscape and VisEven, making these our forte in creating eDetailers. The tried and tested Veeva platform comes handy too, for many a requirement.

Vistaar has also developed its own iOS- based detailing app called ‘enablr’. It is a full-fledged, customizable platform that offers more for less. Click here to see what you can gain from ‘enablr’.

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SEM - Search Engine Marketing aims at giving a sure shot visibility to a website via the basic search action. It’s a paid form of advertising, where a site appears on the listing screen, when a search is made for a related word. However, if it sounds too technical, just take our word for it and leave it to us.

SEO - Research has revealed that around 75% of users do not go past page 1, when a search is done. This necessitates Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it entails lifting your website higher up in a search by employing an extra pair of hands – basically some tricks that can find their way through the complex search mechanism. For the curious ones, these tricks include SEO Audit, Keyword Compilation, Content Optimization, Technical Audit, Link Audit among others.

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Industry pundits predict that in 2017, the digital media ad spend will overtake the electronic media spend. And a rather bigger chunk of it will be lapped up by social media sites and apps.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and others will continue to grow in the upcoming years, making them a very lucrative and rewarding decision for advertising. Whether you are in B2B or B2C, social media will be playing a significant and most likely even a central role in achieving marketing objectives. VIEWS, LIKES and SHARES are going to be the new TRP. Vistaar Digital is here to guide you on what to post and where to check in, in this happening media.

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Email has proven to be a powerful marketing channel down the years and around the globe. Emailers that have tempting subject lines, are personalized to viewers and have precise content, go a long way in getting conversions.

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We work with MailChimp, ExactTarget and SendBlaster to flesh out emailers that look great on any device.


Creative designs and out-of-the-box ideas never go out of fashion. At Vistaar, we constantly strive to shell out work that looks fabulous, sounds good and engages the customer. Coding is not the only language we are good it. Our proficiency in using language spans from churning creative headlines to writing scientific detailer content.